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Leads and Scoring


You know your target group but you do not know how to best get in contact with it?
You would like to better understand insights about your target group in order to create spot-on messages?
You are not sure which information you should try to get about your target group and where to store it?

Contact us! We support you to develop a sustainable targeting strategy. If you want, we may handle market research institutes and lead suppliers for you and help you to find the best solution for your needs.

Make sure that your scoring and prediction models deliver a true return on investment. Not everything that is feasible also makes sense!


Benefit from your experience – we are pleased to counsel you!

KKR Consulting advices its customers with details about leads generation and rental addresses as well as with validations of prediction and scoring models for Marketing activities since many years. 

Our focus area is B2C in Austria, Germany and other big European countries.