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Words, that slow you down


Our subconscious is very kind to us. It makes sure that we rationalize our energies, therefore it reacts defensively to potentially cumbersome stuff.
An example: You tell yourself and others: “Today I have to do this and that and that…”. The words “have to” indicate there is something painful coming up and our subconscious gets active.
The subconscious-driven loss of energy makes us dislike doing all the things we have planned. A similar reaction occurs when we use words like fighting, enforcing or working hard.
It is better to start the day with saying “Today I am going to do this and that and so on”. You will feel the difference – no “have to” means more energy!


There are a lot of phrases that we use without noticing the real meaning – our subconscious does!
Just think of “I am sick to death of…”. No wonder that we start feeling sick or at least not totally healthy.
Watch out for negative words in your day to day language and try to replace them with positive ones. It will lift your spirits!